Requirements for filing patent applications in Uruguay

Information to be provided:
  • Name and address of the applicant. The applicant can be a company or an individual;
  • Name of inventor or inventors;
  • Title of the invention.
  • Power of attorney: signed by the applicant (no certification or legalization is required). If faced with time constraints, the power of attorney can be sent via fax, with the original sent by postal mail at a later date;
  • Patent specifications;
  • Summary of the invention;
  • Claims;
  • Figures (if any).

The specifications, summary of the invention, and claims must be filed in Spanish. To that end, we offer translation services.

Priority under the Paris Convention:

Uruguay is party to the Paris Convention. The Uruguayan Trademark and Patent Office accepts priority claims within 12 months of the date of the original filing. If priority is claimed under the Paris Convention, applicants will need to submit a certified copy of the basic foreign application. No legalization is required for that document. The Uruguayan Trademark and Patent Office requires that these documents be translated into Spanish by a Uruguayan Public Translator.

Uruguay is not a contracting state of the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).