María F. Alonso Durán

María Fernanda joined Pittaluga in 1997.

An attorney with over 20 years of experience, María Fernanda is currently Head of the Legal Department, in charge of advising major multinational corporations in the protection and defense of their intellectual property rights, as well as being responsible for overseeing the legal team.

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Alejandra Alvarez

Alejandra Alvarez

Alejandra has been with Pittaluga for more than ten years.

Since joining the Firm in 2012, Alejandra has occupied the position of Management Assistant and Administrative and Accounting Officer.

She performs diverse tasks and contributes in general to the Firm’s various departments

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Alicia Aphesteguy

Alicia is a Notary Public and member of the Association of Notaries Public of Uruguay.

She joined the Firm in the year 2008 and has since been in charge of coordinating any notarial matters that must be taken care of regularly.

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Susana del Cerro

Susana has been with Pittaluga since it was founded, having thus gained vast experience in the field of intellectual property.

Throughout her time with the Firm, her work has focused on trademark and …

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Jorge Gonzalez Cisneros

Jorge González joined Pittaluga in the year 2016.

Since then, Jorge has worked in the areas of corporate and commercial law.

His main responsibilities include drafting and reviewing various legal documents, as well as coordinating any matters that involve Uruguayan state agencies …

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Ximena González

Ximena is tasked with handling and overseeing day-to-day accounting for the Firm’s clients.

Her tasks also include calculating and paying taxes due by clients and filing their tax returns with Uruguay’s General Taxation Office (DGI).

This also entails drafting various accounting and financial reports required by clients to properly manage their affairs.

In order to that, Ximena is in permanent and fluid contact with the Firm’s clients, so as to rapidly and efficiently answer any queries they may have.

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Radoika Morales

Radoika joined Pittaluga in 2017.

Radoika is currently in charge of the Firm’s administrative-legal area, where her tasks include monitoring court terms and their corresponding deadlines, opening and updating internal files, and drafting legal documents.

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Juan Felipe Orticochea

Juan Felipe is a lawyer and partner in the Firm’s labor law and litigation area.

He holds a law degree from Universidad Católica del Uruguay, where he has also taught Social Security and Labor Law.

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María Ximena Picón

María Ximena joined Pittaluga Abogados in the year 2007.

Following five years in which she worked in various areas of the Firm, as of 2012 María Ximena has been a part of the intellectual property team, being in charge of coordinating trademark, industrial design, and copyright registration matters for clients in Uruguay, Latin America, Asia, and part of Europe.

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Juan Manuel Pittaluga P.

Juan Manuel is Partner in the Firm.

In addition, Juan Manuel is the coordinator of the Firm’s Intellectual Property Litigation Department, advising and representing several multinational corporations in these matters, especially in the legal tech and personal data protection areas.

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Martín Pittaluga P.

Martín is a partner in the Firm. He advises and represents several multinational corporations in intellectual property matters in Uruguay, in particular in the field of trademark litigation and on a wide range of contracts and business deals.

He has served as President of the Uruguayan Association of Industrial Property Agents (AUDAPI) …

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Ricardo Pittaluga M.

Ricardo is an accountant and partner in the Firm’s Accounting and Tax Department, where he is in charge of direct dealings with national and international clients, communicating with them to understand their needs and guarantee that they are duly addressed.

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Liza Ramos

Liza has been part of the team since the beginning of the year 2022, collaborating in the administrative/accounting area, with tasks such as invoicing, preparation of reports and updating of internal records, as well as remaining in permanent contact with clients and suppliers, both national and international, not only in order to provide them with the information and documentation required but also to answer any queries that may arise in relation to these matters.

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Agustina-Tedesco 300x400

Agustina Tedesco

Agustina works in the contentious sector of the area of ​​labor and civil law. Her work focuses on the coordination of administrative and judicial prosecution.

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